The Arch Flyby (Earth Year 2700)

The massive ship deemed "The Arch" was caught by the exterior cameras of the Hex Station. Though fully functioning, the Hex Station has remained without humans for approx. 130 years. Often the high powered telescopes on the Hex Station are used to study debris caught in the neighboring Drax Nebula.
Arch's Mech on Surface of Centari XI 

The crushing pressure of the 14Gs on Centari XI is now negotiable with the new exo-skeleton suits and advanced remote-controlled leaper-mechs.
God's Eye

The return of the Arch brought with it some of the first high-resolution images from from its 80 year journey. These haunting images of Centari XI truly exemplify the abyss starring back. The large blackened area which resembles a human pupil is actually a massive impact crater, probably around 150 million years old. Centari XI has been deemed "God's Eye" by the Arch team.
Centaur Death Mask

One of the most significant discoveries on Centari XI was the Centaur Death Mask, which confirmed existence for an alien species. Approximately 180 Million years old, the mask is in remarkably good shape, most likely from the dense-carbon based material which seems highly resistant to extreme temperature changes. Ancient bacteria was also found within the mask, however it's genetic code is roughly 150 thousand times longer than a human's.
Centaur Death Mask 

Top Left: Frontal View
Top Right: 3/4 Turn
Bottom Left: Side View
Bottom Right: Rear View
Nocturnal Centari XI Species

Once highly classified photos from the Centari XI Mission were released which depicts actual living creatures captured on dig-site security cameras. The Arch team has yet to make a statement to whether or not any of these lifeforms were brought back to Earth.
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