Cadillac Fairview (Tufties)

I had the pleasure of working at the Hornet NYC Animation Studio during Nov 2016 as one of the compositors for this short. Fun project to work on and tons of great people there! Project description below: Building upon Fairview's successful holiday campaign which introduced us to the Tufties last year, Emmanuelle & Julien and Montreal's Bleublancrouge create this season's film. This year we are transported to the Tufties homeland as it is threatened by a pair of gruff woodsmen and their novice companion. Through a simple story that focuses on the magic of giving, E&J's adept craftsmanship shines with original and stylized design and allows space for subtle nuanced animation. The theme of the film is familiar, but the rich environments and fine-tuned characters offer a novel twist. Production Co: Hornet Director: Emmanuelle & Julien Executive Producer: Hana Shimizu Head of Production: Greg Bedard Producer: Desirée Stavracos, Marty Geren Development Producer: Kristin Labriola Supervising Technical Director: Sang Bae-Jin Storyboard Artist: Mark Pecoraro Editor: Stephanie Andreou Lead Designer: Emmanuelle Leleu Lead CG & Fur TD: Aaron Baker Designer: Emmanuelle Leleu, Trisan Ménard Modelers: Djordje Nagulov, Vladimir Jankovic, Momcilo Mitrovic, Predrag Sanader Texturer: Vlada Jurisic, Aleksandar Kostic Character & Prop Modeling/Rigging Lead: Bogdan Mihajlovic Rigger: Kostadin Martic,Milos Jovanovic, Borna Berc, Michael Altman Pre-viz: Bill Burg, Roman Kobryn, Anthony Travieso, Michael Altman CG Layout Artist: Ylli Orana Animators: Roman Kobryn, Bill Burg, Amael Isnard, Ben Girmann Lighting & Rendering: Michael Marsek, Julia Bueno, Aaron Baker, Ylli Orana Compositors: Shane Csontos-Popko, Coddie Chen, Herculano Fernandes Matte Painter: Trisan Ménard, Dupp Du Snow FX/Modeling: Gabe Askew Colorist: Evan Kultangwatana Agency: Bleu Blanc Rouge Agency Writer: Dominique Bulmer Agency Creative Director: Dominique Bulmer Agency Creatives: Dominique Bulmer & Julien Hérisson Agency Account Director: Sarah Gagnon Marin Agency Account Manager: Christiane Rochon Agency Producer: Charles Ouellet Client: Cadillac Fairview Music & Sound Design: Apollo Studios

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