Tamamo No Mae storyboard

Storyboard (beat-board) of the Japanese mythological story of Tamamo no Mae. Beat-boards are key elements from the story line, unlike a continuity board (which illustrates more frame by frame). Story line- The Emperor of ancient Japan confines in a beautiful court mistress, known as Tamamo no Mae. She is irresistible, knowledgeable, and beautiful. However after some time the Emperor begins to grow ill. Later on, a fortune teller identifies the origin of the Emperor's illness. He states that Tamamo no Mae is actually a malicious fox demon sent by a rival warlord. The Emperor hires hunters to track Tamamo down. Eventually she is found and killed by one of the hunters in the wild. Her body turns into a cursed stone, which kills anyone it comes in contact with. Eventually, a wandering priest comes close to the stone and senses the malicious demon. The priest successfully pacifies the stone, which releasing Tamamo's vengeful spirit.

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